Build new connections

To participate simply select the ‘Survey’ Tab, provide some details about yourself and select from the list your top 5 challenges. Once submitted you should shortly appear on the updated map. The online map can be searched, browsed and filtered at your convenience. Select a node to find out their specific challenges and connect with them via email if you wish.


In 2010 we developed an affinity map for Forum registrants identifying those with common interests across the various topics within the Social Business discipline. Registrants could identify from the map others at the conference that they should be trying to connect with. Now in 2012 we have matured somewhat. Many at this year’s forum will have already embarked on the Social Business journey to some extent. We believe that the need now is to address the challenges we face in developing the Social Business. That is why for this year’s mapping we have nominated 15 common challenges faced by organisations moving toward the Social Business. By completing your interest profile with the top 5 challenges you are currently facing, you will be immediately be placed amongst those facing similar challenges.

But it doesn’t stop there. Open Knowledge is keen to build community amongst those attending this year’s forum. More than knowing who might share common interests with you we want you to connect and engage. The Community Mapper software, from Optimice will enable you to message (email) other people on the map. If you notice someone you already know, just say “Hi”. If there is someone you don’t know that you’d like to connect with, propose a time and place in the many conference meeting spots available. The map will be viewable online with a browser (sorry no ipads yet). We will be tracking the messages and building a ‘contacts’ map as the forum progresses.

Finally, we want to know what help you have gained in addressing your challenges while at the Forum. Using the #SBFChallenge hash tag we want you to tweet a hint you have received, or a speaker or fellow participant who has addressed your challenges. We will also be monitoring and mapping the twitter traffic and identifying the real movers and shakers in SB at the forum. We would like to think that you will take home with you some new valued connections that can help you in your Social Business initiatives.